Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have been tagged by Laura because she thinks I might have something funny to say....I guess that is to been seen....

1. I am a frustrated perfectionist. I want things to be orderly and neat or my scrapbook pages to be perfect artful creations. It doesn't happen as I don't want to spend a ton of time on stuff.

2. My bowling team, The Pink Panthers, was 10th in the nation in the Bantam Bowling League. I think I was 8. I have a picture of me in pigtails accepting some award.

3. Not long after I moved to Vacaville I was walking backwards yelling at some guy. I tripped over the curb and landed on my rear end. I told (shoot was it Nicole or Cyndi) "Hey! I found a place for us to sit!"

4. I secretly have no desire to decorate my house. Well, maybe it isn't so secret and maybe I didn't get the decorating gene.

5. I love to read but don't get to do it as much anymore. I thought I was a fast reader until I met Bobby...who speed reads. Yeah, I don't read that fast. The scariest book I ever read (and I don't scare easily) was either "It" or "Salems Lot". I still can't walk over a giant grate by a curb without hearing "We all float down here" in my head.

6. My favorite line from a song is from the Indigo Girls song Mystery. It is "When summers beginning to give up her fight, and every thoughts a possibility." There are days at the end of the summer when I can feel the line from that song. that you know these things. Here you's your turn.

Here are the rules.

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I am tagging:

Angela Jackson-because she has just discovered Facebook and how awesome it is.
Kacey Reese--because even though we are far apart friends are always close in heart!
Suzanne at Joyfulchaos--because she always has a great story
Tracy Brothers--Because she has a kindergartener
Davi from Band of Brothers--she's a super creative soul
Amy Bierman because she is at the blueberry festival and I am not!


  1. thanks for the tagging!

    you know me, i'll get to it, but when is anybody's guess!!

    i'll let you know when i do.

    "hey! i found a place for us to sit!" - too funny!

    and thanks, now i'm totally freaked out by your giant grate curb quote. good grief!

  2. great job! i had no idea you were a perfectionist. too funny. ok, hopefully i can think of 6 things in the next week or so!

  3. Suzanne! I have been loving your pics of your sweet kiddos! Adorable!

    Davi- Thanks! I look forward to what you have to say! :)