Tuesday, August 05, 2008


That is pretty much my sin of choice. Unless of course you count gluttony...but really who can pass up a piece of delicious birthday cake or $1.50 cheesecake? Besides I am really working on that one.

Normally I can care less if my house is less than perfect. I despise cleaning and usually realize what a mess it is when someone is planning on coming over. Well, it is worse than normal due to the dog being back. Dog hair is my nemesis!

I am feeling pretty good about beating down the sloth monster today (forgive me I am a list kinda girl!).

I have:
Gone for a one mile walk with the dog and cleaned up her nasty poop.
Taken the kids to Walmart to pick up mini M&Ms
Baked mini M&M cupcake bites with the kids
Swept the entire living room and dining room ridding them of unwanted dog hair
Washed and dried 2 loads of laundry
Ripped up the upstairs hallway carpet
Removed all of the carpet tack strips and staples
Scrubbed the upstairs hallway with a Brillo pad trying to get the paint spots off from previous owners
And now I am posting about it all.

So, sloth today is not my sin. Yeah!
Hopefully tomorrow will continue in today's vein.

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