Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nashville Night Out Against Crime

Every year since we have been in Tennessee we have attended the Nashville Night Out Against Crime. There are several locations throughout the county and one happens to be in our neighborhood. The very first year it was held at the Fire Hall. There were a couple of tables set up and someone gave away easy grow flower kits. It has grown tremendously since then. I don't remember what year it was moved but it is now held on the ball field.

This year food was given away by Hickory Brothers BBQ, a military helicopter was there for the kids to climb on and the Police helicopter landed on the field. There was face painting, firemen, police men and lots of give aways of course. Munchkin and Little Mans favorite were these lovely guitars!

The kids love to go to the event every year. At least this year it was not too terribly hot. There have been years past when it was sweltering.

This is such a great community event to have every year. The neighbors all get out to go to it, you get free food and tons of information on local services! If you don't have one near you I suggest checking to see what you need to get one in your area!


Tracy Bro said...

That picture of the kids at the bottom on the guitars is awesome!

suzanne said...

look at those kids! that is too funny! i love it!

Anita J. said...

I agree. The kids look like rock stars! I like your blog--the blue smoke thing has me intrigued. I'll have to come back and find out where it all started.

Patrice4 said...

Ooh, that's good to know. We'll have to check that out next time. I never heard of it before.

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