Thursday, August 21, 2008

Release of the Magic Blue Smoke

Or this could also be titled "Where the heck is my brain?"

A few days ago I mentioned the delicious looking Snickery Squares that I am just waiting to bake. I bought some caramel topping hoping that would work, as I still can't find Dulce De Leche! This morning I finally got out all of the ingredients and started the process:

The recipe specifically calls for a food processor to "pulse" the ingredients. Since I do not have a food processor I thought "I have a blender with a pulse setting on it I will try that! How much difference can there be?"

My first clue should have been when I plugged the durn thing into 2 different sockets and it didn't work. I plugged the blender into the third outlet and it spun to life making me jump. Of course when it wouldn't blend the dry ingredients together I just got a spatula and started shoving them down in there. When they looked like they were mixed enough I tossed in the 1 stick of chopped up butter. This is where things got sticky (hardy har har). I was vigilant in trying to get those ingredients mixed.
All of a sudden the blender started to make a really bad sound. It also released the magic blue smoke that makes appliances work. You know...the smoke that is accompanied by a really terrible smell that won't go away for hours? After frantically unplugging the blender to make sure it didn't actually catch on fire I took the glass part off and dumped the dough into a bowl. I hadn't gotten to the part where I had to add the egg yolk and figured I would just mix it in by hand.

There was so much dough stuck down in the bottom of the blender I had to take it apart to get it out. Unfortunately, when I finally got it apart I realized the glass was chipped on the bottom. I have no idea how that happened. I didn't hit it on anything, wasn't rough while taking the thing apart... I found the great big piece but thankfully noticed that it didn't quite match up or I may have blissfully continued my tortured process. I looked in the bowl with the dough and saw something shiny. Yep, that's right, an extra tiny piece of glass. I had to throw out all of the dough.

Little Man went to the store with me this morning and had picked out a mint brownie mix. So, instead of my gourmet Snickery Squares I decided to make the box of brownies. While it was baking Little Man was playing the Wii and kept asking me to help him, I was trying to start a blog post and for some reason I walked in the kitchen half way through baking and turned off the oven.
When the timer went off and I opened the oven door I was so confused. I knew they weren't supposed to look like pudding. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I had done. Finally, after turning the oven back on the delicious smell of brownies filled the house...instead of the Magic Blue Smoke smell.

I just could not figure out where my brain was today. Oh, well. After I buy a new blender, and maybe a food processor I will try the Snickery Squares again. Maybe by then I will find someplace that carries Dulce De Leche.


  1. If you do find out where brains go when they leave us, could you send mine back? I've been missing it lately...I think.

  2. Dulce de leche? Hm. I really want to make these snickery squares too, but might be too lazy to track down dulce de leche. Maybe a spanish store has it??

    And good luck with selling your house. It's so pretty, I'm sure someone will buy it!