Sunday, August 10, 2008


Tomorrow is my big girls first day of first grade. I guess I can't really call her a baby anymore after losing 3 teeth. She is not apprehensive...I am! It is a little strange and a lot different than last year. We had orientation the Friday before Kindergarten started so we all knew what to expect. This year we meet her teacher the first day of school. I had to go to the school and find out who she had by looking on the door.

She is excited because 2 of the kids from her class last year are in her class this year along with 1 other little girl from Daisies.

I think I am apprehensive because it is another whole group of parents to meet. I met and got along great with the parents from last year and I am sure I will this year as well. But still.

We have been praying for the right teacher for our little Munchkin. She looks nice in her picture and she she has to be good right? :) I have nothing to be apprehensive about at all.....


  1. Everything will be fine, sweetie, and if it's not you will take care of it, ala Grandma Ruth!

  2. Hope she had a wonderful first day of first grade!

  3. Letting go of control of our kids and influence is so nerve racking. I am so thankful I have a LOVING Father who "Got it"!