Friday, August 08, 2008

3 years

What a difference 3 years makes. We went to a birthday party at the Pampered Palace the other day. Munchkin had her 3rd birthday party there. When we were there 3 years ago she was excited and loved getting her hair and make up done. But, when it came to singing in the mic she was a little timid. This time she danced all over the stage and sang confidently in front of everyone.

Where did my baby go? She is the diva in the pink chair.

Seeing her up there was just shocking from the last time. Our friend was turning 4. Munchkin looked like a giant compared to her and a couple of the other little girls. That is saying a lot as she is still teeny tiny.
I am struck by how fleeting the time is I have with my baby. It won't be long before the days of fashion, make-up and boyfriends is here. She won't want or need me nearly as much and that just kills me.

I pray that I can nurture her creativity, her independence and her sweet attitude and help her fly when the time is right.

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Debbie said...

What sweet pictures! Now you understand how I felt watching you grow up.
Love ya,

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