Monday, July 21, 2008

Night Hike Adventure

Something about flashlights just draws my kids in. I am sure that they are not alone but they are fascinated! The fact that that little bit of light can shine so brightly just intrigues them! Well, to let them have fun with flashlights we decided to go on a night hike at Edwin Warner Park. I think the ad was in the paper but I saw a post about it on Music City Moms.

We picked Bobby up from work a bit early so he and Little Man could get haircuts. After traumatizing our son by chopping his hair off we had an early dinner at PF Changs and headed over to the park. We were a little bit early but that was ok with all of us. The kids got to play on one of the playgrounds near the meeting area. And, we got to check out the river. Munchkin landed on her bum in the mud but that didn't deter her one bit.

When we saw a few people showing up for the hike we went over to see what we needed to do. Micheal Hughes from Cumberland Transit was the leader. He told us he had done this hike with 6 people in the freezing cold and had had as many as 60. Well, that record was broken on Friday. It was a full moon and there was a Full Moon Pickin' party at the Steeplechase nearby so people came that were planning on doing both. I heard the head count was around 150.

Munchkin and Little Man were by far the youngest kids on the hike but they did really well. There were several other kids on the hike too and lots of dogs.Next time we may take Kelsey...or maybe not. Poor Bobby spent the majority of the 3 mile hike (we went the short way with the people headed to the pickin party) with one or the other of the kids on his shoulders. Aside from Munchkins skirt that kept falling down I think the kids had a really good time.

At one point there is an overlook that may be far more impressive in the fall. We all kind of filed past but couldn't see much.

On our way back down from the high point it was flashlight time. We had to remind Munchkin and Little Man not to flash them in peoples faces but they did pretty good with that. They did flash them on a few peoples heinys.... At one point Bobby had all four of us turn our lights off at the same time. It was dark. :)

For a treat afterward we went to Maggie Moos for Ice Cream. Yum! I like it better than Marble Slab. I guess it is good that it is not convenient.

So, who want to go on the next night hike with us?

This was just an old car we saw in the parking lot at Publix when we stopped to get water.


Bob & Claudia said...

That classic is a '57 Ford I believe

bsod said...

my bad - it's a '58 Ford (dual headlights)

Susan said...

Karen- you guys are such a fun family!!

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