Friday, July 25, 2008

Lazy Day = Little Drama

When you wake up to rain and no schedule you just want to stay in your PJs all day long. That is just what we did for most of the day today. Munchkin wanted to watch Spy Kids last night but that didn't work out. I told her we could have a Spy Kids marathon. So, we did have to get dressed to go to the video store and to Lifegroup tonight but we were in our jammies until at least 3 o'clock today!

Most of the storms that roll through here are accompanied by lightening and thunder. Not so this morning. Munchkin and Little Man wanted to play in the rain so I let them. Munchkin took a container down to the gutter to collect water. We were so "green" and used the rain water to water our plants.

Little man realized he didn't want to play in the water and stayed on the porch blowing bubbles instead.

Kelsey even got in on being outside. I don't think she was thrilled to be on the leash the whole time. But, I refuse to chase her through the neighborhood, so on the leash she has to stay!

After watering this plant Munchkin insisted on collecting the runoff so she could water another plant. Very resourceful!
Here comes the lazy day = little drama part. I have posted about Munchkin losing her first two teeth. Both times were so full of drama and tears I was expecting the same for her third tooth. While we were having our Spy Kids Movie Marathon she was quietly working on her tooth. By the end of the 2nd movie she looked like this:
Not long after I took the above picture Munchkin asked for a piece of gum. After chewing for about three minutes I heard a little gasp. Then she looked like this:
Woohoo!! Very little blood and zero drama!!! She has been telling me for months about how she would sound when she lost her two front teeth. She was right! She already has a bit of a lisp, I can only imagine what she will sound like when that other front tooth falls out!! :)

It was a good day. Maybe we need more PJ days.....

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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love PJ days. Way too much, and way too often! A shower or bath can be confused for jumping in the pool and putting on deodorant afterwards too! I'm such a beach bum without the beach!


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