Monday, July 14, 2008

I DO NOT like dogs

There, I said it. In case you didn't know I am not a fan. Friends that have dogs know that I don't like dogs. Their dogs like me for some reason though. And, their dogs are old and calm so I don't mind them.
Dogs smell bad, they slobber on you and you have to clean up their steaming piles of poo when you walk them. Gross to all of the above. Not to mention when they shed their undercoat you have to clean up more dog hair than normal. Yuck!

There was some piece on TV the other night about how dogs lower your blood pressure or some hooey. Bobby was all about it...see look what dogs can do for you!
Um.....I feel my blood pressure raising with the dog in the house. Kelsey came back last night after living on a farm with room to run for the last 3 months. We were hoping to have the house sold and be moved into a new place by now. It hasn't happened. So, we cleaned out the office closet and stuck her crate in there. It is pretty den like. She didn't do too bad last night. One accident in the house but that was when Bobby grabbed her collar to take her outside.

I am stressed because I am worried she is going to ruin the office carpet coming in from outside. I will admit she is a little calmer than when we dropped her off at the farm. But she is still a big dog in a small space and with two small kids that is not good.

Ugh...I am done venting I guess. Please pray for me that I will let her lower my blood pressure instead of stressing me out. That she won't ruin the carpet with her big clodhopper feet, that she won't dig up the newly planted back yard, that she won't accidentally bite the kids (she got my finger last night when I was throwing her toy to her), and that she won't bark incessantly.

Yuck, dogs smell.

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  1. In defense of dogs...:)The RIGHT dog will lower your blood pressure. The wrong dog...well, there you go. Take Max for instance. Max NEVER poops on a walk (it's just not home, you know?), he has no undercoat so doesn't shed much, doesn't jump or get on furniture, doesn't drool (he rarely licks cuz he knows I hate it) and he mostly smells like pine sap and juniper. He does like to roll in the dirt outside, but that usually makes him smell better, so I just dust him off. Because of these things, he makes me happy and I'm happy to have him around. I guess what I'm saying is, not every dog is for every person. I'll pray for you that Kelsey would be easy on you and your home!