Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ewwww/Blessing in Disguise???

Bobby has been on a trip with his band for the last week. He finally got back into town around 8. Since it was going to be past the kids bed time we decided to meet him at a restaurant we frequent so the kids could see him.

We had excellent service, the food tasted great. We were just thinking about getting a to go box for Munchkins food when my least favorite thing in the restaurant industry happened. Yep, a roach ran across our table. EEWWWWW!!!

Bobby smashed it, but just enough you could still see the antennae moving. Yuck , just thinking about that makes me want to hurl! The server came over and we showed her. After a long while she came back with the bill. The manager came over and said "I'm sorry about the beetle" to which I replied "It wasn't a beetle it was a cockroach!" He looked a little confused and said "I haven't seen any cockroaches but we have had quite a few beetles lately" and proceeded to walk away.
GROSS! A bug just ran across our table. If there is a roach running across my table, how many are in the kitchen? Please don't tell me that you have had "quite a few beetles lately"!

After the server took the bill and my card she was gone for quite while again. She came back with just the card and said the bill was taken care of (blessing in disguise?). Now, this was wonderful because we really shouldn't have been eating out anyway, except that we had no cash for a tip. I asked if she could bring the zeroed out bill so I could leave her a tip. No such luck.

Aside from the disgustingness of a roach on our table we had great service and delicious food (please let me not have had any protein I didn't order). I wanted to leave a tip. I think I will run back in this week with a tip for her when we have some cash on us because obviously the bug was not her fault.

Now, I didn't put the restaurant name on purpose because we like it and don't want it to get bad press. But, I may put in a call to the health department..or the news to check the scorecard. Who knows.


  1. Eewww-that brings to mind our experience with the Chinese restaurant I used to take you girls to.

  2. I actually found a cockroach in my salad when I was about 2/3 of the way eating through it! I didn't want to cause a big ruckus but showed my server then got the whole "sometimes that happens, no matter how hard we try to prevent it" from the manager. I wasn't angry, they comp'd the bill, I was a little disappointed to not finish my salad though - it's my favorite! No hard feelings either, I still go every chance I get to get my favorite salad!