Monday, July 21, 2008

Duck Race

So I have been a total slacker blogger this week! I have about 4 posts in my head that have been floating around. All of my pictures were still on the camera though. I am trying to get the kids back on a somewhat normal schedule so when school starts it won't be a huge shock. They were in bed by 8:15 tonight...let's see if I can keep that up!

On Friday I was checked in on Facebook or of those and saw that Angel was headed to the duck race. I have seen duck races on TV and on other friends blogs before where thousands of ducks are dumped in the river and the thousands of people are cheering them on. I was kind of expecting something like that. Of course I had no idea how that was going to happen at Moss Wright Park. I love Moss Wright but there is not a very large body of water nearby except for a small creek. Imagine my surprise when we arrived and there was a large sheet of plastic and a firehose. It only took me a minute to get over my surprise though when I saw how much better this was going to be for the kids. I didn't have to worry about losing them. They each got to pick out a duck and name it. Only 10-15 ducks were in each heat and both of them made it to the final heat. Even better, they got to keep their ducks. So, even though they weren't in the final 3 they still won! I was so glad Angel had posted that she was going because it was a really fun event to take the kiddos to.

I happened to run into the Pyne family there as well. They were the owners of the Scrapyard, the scrapbook store I worked at when we moved out here. Their daughter in law was pregnant with her first baby the same time I was with Munchkin. It was so fun to see how big her kiddos have gotten!

I need to get on the ball and check the Nashville Parent and see what other free events we can go to this summer.

Meet Princess Ducky and Quacker. Yes, there are pink flowers on Little Mans duck. That is the one that stood out to him I guess. Which is good. Most of the pirates and army ducks got stuck and had a difficult time getting down to the end gate!

Quacker and Princess Ducky take in an imaginary T-Ball game.
Munchkin and Little Man were exhausted and hot by the time all was said and done. We went home for rest time and then went to meet Bobby for our next adventure!

Oh yeah, if you happen to see my kids picture in the Davidson County Am or the Star News could you keep a copy for me? There was a photographer there that asked if she could print their picture. It would look a lot like the first picture in the post. Thanks!!


  1. oh that looks like fun! i wish i would have known! if i get the paper i will look for their pic! great photos!

  2. Saundra4:39 AM

    The kids picture is in the Davidson section of the 8/1/08 paper today. I was looking at it & recogized the event from your great pictures on the blog. Then I said "hey, I know them!" Let me know if you need a copy. I will have them save it at work.

  3. That would be wonderful if you could save me a copy! I will try to get ahold of one too! :)