Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clean rooms

Six and Four year olds are old enough to clean their own rooms right?
There is no reason on this earth I should have to clean them. Am I being too ambitious or delusional in thinking my children can clean their rooms and do a good job of it?

I set a timer, gave my daughter a list and told her to check the items off as she went. It included make bed, put stuffed animals away, put dress up clothes away, stack books nicely on the bookshelf, throw away any trash, put your rug back where it belongs. I gave her 45 minutes.

She has no problem sitting through an hour and a half movie. She can sit for at least 30 minutes and read a book. She can run around outside and play in the water for a very long time. Is it too much to think she can clean her room in that amount of time?

Little Mans room is another story. It is not nearly as messy as hers so his will be worked on later this evening. Crazy kids.....


  1. Hahahaha, I feel your pain. I have an 8 1/2 year old daughter, almost 6 1/2 year old son and almost 4 1/2 year old daughter and the room thing--ugh. My son is the tidiest, but the other day my youngest daughter and I were cleaning his room. My oldest daughter wants a neat room by magic. Ugh. LOL!

  2. Hi Patrice4! Thanks for posting! It is funny how they want things done instantly isn't it? Of course I want my house clean by magic too! :)

  3. Elijah cleans his own room, sorts the laundry, dusts the house, and takes the trash out. I feel a little like a military mom since he has been doing this since he was 6. Actually he starting helping me sort the laundry when he was learning his colors back in preschool. I figured if he could sort different colored bears he could sort different colored shirts! :)

    I love that there are moms out there teaching their kids to clean up after themselves! We just starting asking Elijah to make his bed before he watched TV or played video games in the morning. He knows if he comes and asks and the beds not made the answer will be no. I don't even have to ask's already made up!

    Now if we could just get our husbands to do that... :)

    Love ya!

  4. I am glad to know there are others that have chores for their kids...especially the boys... ;0)
    Does he get an allowance for all that? We haven't started that yet...

  5. hey girl - my 6 (soon to be 7) year old helps sort clothes, folds all his own clothes, and puts them away. he cleans his part of his room and makes his bed. clears his own dishes from the table, and whoever else's i happen to tell him (like the baby's or mine). now, mind you, with some of this it is with MUCH protesting. he never just does any of it. i have to direct him each step of the way.

    i also have them all clean the "living areas" - living room, dining area, and kitchen of all their own toys, shoes, laundry, dishes, etc. again, when i say chore time there is MUCH protesting. but we usually try to do clean up time in the living areas once a day. and i do dishes while they're cleaning those areas. laundry's finally getting easier as i've handed over all of the older kids' clothes to them. we do it during baby's nap time. i fold and put away mine, matt's, the baby's and all hang-up clothes. the 6 year old, the 5 year old, and even my girl - just turned 3 in april does their own laundry. with my girl, i fold hers and give it to her in stacks after she's sorted them into shirts and shorts. underwear and socks just get stuffed in the drawer by her. she has wash cloths to fold (i put away) and the boys fold and put away all the towels. my girl can pick up her room but it's hit and miss - toys in the drawers, clothes in the toy bucket, etc.

    this sounds very industrious (sp?) but i've added a little more responsibility along the way - so it wasn't overwhelming all at once. and i remember when my oldest was 3 and i would only ask him to put his toys into the bucket i put next to him - many times he would choose to lay (screaming) by the bucket for 2 hours instead of spending 2 minutes putting toys in the bucket. i never thought i'd see the day that they do so much now.

    stick with it, girl!! you'll be amazed what they can do. just hold that ground (and your ears while you're at it!)

    oh, and we do allowance hit and miss also. i liked when we were doing it weekly. if they did well all week (and really i didn't give them a choice - they couldn't play, play ps2, go swimming, nothin' fun 'til they cleaned!) then they got 35 cents sunday morning. 5 cents for each day. we would give it each week in different denominations to help them see that different coins could come up to the same sum. and then we would let them decide how much to give in tithe and how much to save.

    hope that helps and doesn't discourage. as always, you're doing such a great job raising those babies!