Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bucket List

LifeChurch is doing a series called At the Movies right now. For those of you that went to APU it is like an extended Jon Wallace Chapel! :) Last weeks movies was The Bucket List. Now, I have not seen the entire movie, just the clips from church last week so I am going on what was shown. Last night at Life Group we discussed our own Bucket List...if we had one, if it was ok to have one, why would you have one. The general feeling I got out of it was that it was kind of limiting God to have a list of things to do before you die. That lists would be superficial and kind of pointless. That we might make a list and want to stick to it when God wants us to go a different direction entirely. Anyone that was there can chime in if you read this. I was a little preoccupied with Little Man at my feet so I may have missed something.

After thinking about it, and probably not adding much to the conversation last night, I think I am going to disagree a little bit. I think God puts desires in our heart for a reason. If we need to make a list to understand what those desires are I think that is OK. God created this beautiful world for us to explore and enjoy and my list probably has quite a bit of superficial stuff on it. Those things I may never get to. Of course we never know when our next breath will be so a list may be pointless anyway.

There is a book called The Dream Giver. I know Laura talked about it on her blog a little bit. I did a Bible Study on that book. Through studying the Bible and going through that book some things were revealed to me that I have on my list. There are things I want to do that I believe God has placed in my heart. Those are on my list. They are things like writing a book (Of course you better be might end up as a character!), working with survivors of abuse, taking my kids to nursing homes, and being a better friend.

My first and foremost items on my bucket list are to see my children accept Christ and learn how to follow Him.
To show Christs love to others.
To teach my children compassion, empathy and charity for others.

I guess all of that to say, I have a may not be written down and checked off but I have things I want to do in my lifetime. And, I believe God placed those desires in my heart for a reason. No one has to agree with me, but that is where I stand.

Do you have a bucket list? What kinds of things are on it if you do?

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  1. I can't believe you wrote about this because I have been thinking of posting on this subject as well. I have a list but I don't really think of it as "things to do before I die". I think of it as "things to stop being afraid of" or "things to stop putting off until..." or "things to push me out of my comfort zone". I don't see it as binding though. It may change over time and that's okay. I totally agree with you about God given desires and I think having a "list" keeps you focused. I think it can be a good thing to articulate those passions and desires. Writing them down and looking at them can be a powerful tool. I think Satan would have us live life on the sidelines so we can't make any difference in the world so my list is about getting off the bench and taking some risks. For me, it's about trusting God enough to follow His calling. I don't think it's right or wrong to have a list and I certainly don't think I'm limiting God with it. Actually, I think I could be limiting God without it.