Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spiritual issues

Last night when the kids were getting ready for bed Munchkin called down to me. All of a sudden she was next to me and in a quiet voice said "Mommy, when I was calling you I was in your room. I heard a woman's voice say "did you mean me?". She then followed it up with "but maybe it was just my imagination...".
Well, that completely freaked me out but I suggested that maybe she heard one of the neighbors outside. She held my hand as we walked back upstairs and I turned on every light along the way.
After saying prayers Bobby and I headed back down stairs and I told him about what happened.

Munchkin has been at VBS this week and has come home every day talking about Jesus. Her heart is soft. I feel like Bobby and I both have good spiritual discernment so we prayed for her especially hard last night. We just pray she hears the right voice. That her heart will be soft for the right one true Savior.

Maybe it was her imagination but I have no idea where she would have picked up something like that.


  1. I am praying along with you! There is nothing more exciting and more scarey at the same time than seeing your child's heart soften for God. I am praying that God speaks to her and she will know for sure that it is Him and that he loves her so VERY much!

    Love you to girl!

  2. Praying for her, Karen and for you guys too!!