Monday, June 30, 2008


There are days when I think to myself that things are just not going right for us. Money is tight, the cars are breaking down, the kids keep getting funky rashes.
It should not take a best friend losing a family member or my experience at Walmart tonight to slap me in the face. We are blessed.

I ran to walmart tonight to pick up garlic bread, milk and a rotisserie chicken. I had no idea I would hug a stranger. Little Man was zonked out in the cart, Munchkin was running into the dairy section when a sweet elderly lady stopped me. She told me my kids were so sweet, she didn't have any grandchildren and always noticed the little ones. Then she asked where I lived and told me where she lives and then started to tear up. He husband passed away 2 months ago and it was her first trip to the store by herself. Her cart was full of food and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels. I asked if I could hug her and she let me and she held on.

I don't know what that sweet lady's name was but please be praying for her. Her heart must hurt so much right now and I am hurting for her. I pray she has people in her life that will hold her and visit her and pray for her.

All that to say, it doesn't matter that money is tight, that our car is messed up, that my kids have funky rashes. We have each other and we are blessed.


  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Thank you Karen for sharing that a little bit of kindness toward someone in need of a smile or a hug can go a long way and put into perspective that we are indeed blessed.
    Love ya,

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing, I needed that this morning.
    Amy Williams

  3. Mandy LeMay7:58 PM

    We are certainly blessed each and every day that we have here on this earth! I always try to think when I get down, it could be worse or there is someone out there hurting more than me or their circumstances are worse than mine. How so very sweet of you and also to share your love for Jesus on to that little lady. I bet you truly made her day. I know one thing my Mom always has said after losing my Daddy was that it was the touch and having someone to go and do with that she misses. Your story made me tear up and just be thankful once again. Thanks for being you!

  4. I'll bet you that hug meant more to her than you'll ever know.

  5. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Precious! It's amazing the needs that are around us everyday. Thank you for sharing this very simple way of letting someone know they are not alone in this world.


  6. roxanna11:51 AM

    I like the blue background better.

  7. oh, i will pray for her.

    thank you for sharing this sweet/sad story with us.

    i miss you. i'm linkin' you up tonight so that i can come back more often. i feel like i've been gone from cyber space and my dear friends too long.

    i'll try to catch up with your life soon!