Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dragon Park

The morning of Little Mans birthday Angela and I decided to take the kids to Bicentennial Mall to play in the fountains. We were then going to head to the farmers market to pick up some fresh fruit and to have lunch.

Well, being us we were foiled at the first turn! The fountains, or something around the fountains, was under construction. That did not deter us. We decided to go to Dragon Park (It is really Fanny Mae Dees Park) and let the kids run wild. We of course had to stop on our way at Gigis to get some delicious cupcakes!

This would be why the park is called Dragon Park. Years ago kids from local elementary schools or the community did all of the mosaic tiles for the dragon. I just read somewhere that at sunset if you stand in the right spot it looks like the dragon is breathing fire...who knows though. :)
There is a little fort at the park with this tube running underneath it. The kids thought that was fun. Even better though was the cool rock wall. Little Man had no interest in climbing it but the Big Kahuna was all about it!

After we were done at the park we returned to the farmers market. I thought about buying some blueberries but the local guy was gone and the rest were from Florida. I did buy 2 mini watermelons that have been quite tasty! Lunch was pretty good. The kids shared a lunch special from Oriental Express and Bobby (who met us for lunch) and I had food from the Gyros stand. Yum! I have been trying to get more good pictures for and there was green challenge last week. I took a few at the farmers market and the few I submitted got quite a few votes! :)

Do you remember as a kids leaning into the fan and talking and your voice sounding really funny? Well, the kids discovered that at the market. There was a giant fan that I had to tell Little Man several times not to touch. I was afraid he was going to get his fingers whacked off.
Munchkin got to go find a ripe blueberry on a blueberry tree to try. At another stand all of the kids got to try some watermelon. I think that was the selling point for the melon.

These berries are blueberries but not ripe. Perfect for the green challenge! :)
By the time we got home the kids were exhausted. I had them both go to their beds. Munchkin asked if she could read some books and I told her she could. I also told her if she felt tired she could lay her head down for a bit. About five minutes later I came back up to check and both kids were zonked out. 3 Hours later I heard her reading and went back up. She was so funny when she said "I just laid my head down for a minute." I asked her if she thought she just closed her eyes for a minute. When she said yes and I told her she had been asleep for 3 hours she was very surprised.

Both kids loved everything we did that day! I think we will be back for sure!


Heinzfeet said...

What a fun day! Were you pleased with the Farmer's market? I've been meaning to get down there. Was it worth the trip?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad our plans weren't foiled completely. The kids did have fun at this park and the cupcakes were yumm-o! I enjoyed the farmers market but I love love love fresh fruit. Don't forget to send copies of your pictures. :)--ang

Kacey said...

sounds like a blast. It looks like it was HOT! How fun:)

saundra said...

That looks like fun. We are planning to go next Friday morning. I have never heard of Dragon Park....have to check into that one. Will the fountains be closed for a while?

Karen said...

I don't know how long the fountains will be closed. :( Sorry! But it was a super fun day!

Tracy Bro said...

Karen I LOVE dragon park. I used to play there as a kid. Great memories. And I LOVE the farmer's market. My favorite time to go is September to load up on pumpkins. They have them in orange, white, and blue and in every shape and size. And they're cheap! Great pictures girl!

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