Saturday, May 10, 2008

You win some, you lose some

Today Munchkin had a double header for softball. I think I have mentioned once or twice that I am not an athlete. I took music lessons. For music lessons you show up a couple of minutes early so you are on time for your lesson. Apparently for softball you are supposed to show up 30 minutes early. That of course has not been stated for all of the parents because I guess you are just supposed to know it.

We got to the field 15 minutes early but ended up driving around for 10 before finally finding a parking spot and then I was worried I was going to get towed. We still got to the field 5 minutes before the last two girls. As we were walking up I slipped and said "Wow! Those girls will probably beat you." and promptly backpedaled and said "um, I mean you guys are going to have to try hard today!" Duh, what a supportive mom I am. The other team was apparently in their dugout at 11 on the dot and had the first half hour to warm up before we all showed up....they were doing pushups in the outfield when we arrived.

Of course, their warm up may have worn them out early as we beat them the first game 20-15. The first time Munchkin was up to bat she hit it hard and immediately ran to third. That was a bummer but she had a good attitude about it. The second time she hit she hit is hard and ran to first. Unfortunately she was the 10th batter so they still had to come in.

The second game didn't go as well for us. The other team had hit their stride and beat us 25-8. I was so relieved when they finally called the game. It was really hot sitting out there with no shade.

Munchkin is having a better attitude about going to softball and I am so glad. We were having serious tantrums about not wanting to go, getting there and having a good time. I think if she chooses not to do softball again after this season, I will not be heartbroken.

One thing that is really annoying me is they keep letting the girls trade helmets. I am not sure if all of the girls don't have helmets or just don't have straps for their helmets. I specifically bought Munchkin her own so she wouldn't have to share. We as parents try to get our kids to keep personal items to themselves and then the coaches go and let the girls share helmets. I will be severely ticked if we come home with lice because of that!

We have another game on Tuesday, practice Wednesday and Friday and a makeup double header on Sunday. At least it is in the afternoon and at least it is the day after the home tour. Maybe I will be less stressed out by then. Then again, I guess we shall see.

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  1. I used to think about the lice thing too whenever one of the boys on Brett's ballteam would use his helmet. I also did not like others using his bat. It wasn't that I did not mind him sharing but sometimes the boy using the bat would beat the bat on home plate. Even though they are aluminum, those bats can crack on the inside and they're expensive.