Saturday, May 03, 2008


To all of you laundry do-ers out there: What kinds of treasures do you pull out of pockets before throwing a load of clothes in? Or, do you not check pockets at all?

This morning I pulled out 2 quarters and a bottle of Visine. It is always an adventure isn't it? If I keep finding quarters I may be able to pay for our next family vacation with money pulled from the laundry.....

What is the worst thing you have found....or didn't find.....
I think the worst thing for me was a piece of gum....yeah, not pretty....


  1. I think the worst thing I ever found was a can of Copenhagen. Phillip and I were newly married and I did not think of checking pockets. The "Dip" stained a few clothes.YUK! The best thing I have ever found was $50.00! Finders, Keepers! I told my family that years ago. If I have to do all of this laundry, any treasure found is mine!

  2. Unfortunately I didn't find a tissue the other day so there were little white bits of tissue on everything!