Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mothers Day

My mothers day this year was a little crazy. I had been home with the kiddos all week by myself. Bobby was in Colorado hanging out with the band. I had had friends over to help out with different aspects of the house (thank you Melissa, Becca, Angela, Trina, Jennifer, Beth and Grant!) and have been pretty stressed out.
Beth sacrificed her mothers day to come help me out and even brought donuts. Bobby got home about 2 in the afternoon and he helped Grant get moulding up in the kitchen. We all worked on the house until about 7:30 and exhausted. Bobby took me and the kids to Longhorn for dinner where I was presented with a white carnation from the server. She was nice but way over the top in interacting with my kids. Maybe she just missed being with hers that day...

I love holidays anyway...I don't care if they are made up to sell greeting cards. I think it is fun to celebrate the people in your life and if it takes a Hallmark holiday to remember them and celebrate them so be it! :) We have been putting so much money into the house and trying to get ready for the tour and to sell I told Bobby he didn't need to get me anything...well not anything big....

Well, that sweet guy has surprised me two days in a row with different treats. The Across the Universe Soundtrack was in my sun visor yesterday and today I came home to find Lindt Peanut Butter Truffles and the movie August Rush. . Awww...I love my hubby, and not just for the gifts. He has such a good heart and I know he loves me no matter what. Thank you honey for making me feel special. I love you!

I also have to say thank you to the people I know have been praying for us. Another friend Julie stopped by yesterday and prayed for us and brought us a basket of beautiful flowers, strawberries and a red candle. I was so surprised and thankful for her and am so glad I have gotten to know her this year through Moms in Touch.

Whew, 2 more days until the tour....we are almost ready I think....

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