Thursday, May 01, 2008

How High

can you get from paint fumes? ;0) Bobby and I have been painting for hours tonight. He is doing trim and doors and I was rolling the entry. Tomorrow I will be painting more trim upstairs and rolling more walls. We have had incredible help from several friends. Melissa, my friend from Salient, came over last night and the night before to prime and paint the ceiling. Her sister came the first night too and the three of us got a ton done.

The Home Tour is in 16 days. If you saw the inside of my house right now you would think I am out of my mind. I went through a box of toys tonight and threw out anything missing pieces or from McDonalds. So, now there are 2 boxes of toys in the living room. One has a baggie of bouncy balls, a baggie of matchbox cars and a baggie of action heroes. The other has Little People. I told Munchkin she could pick out 10 toys to keep out and the rest are getting packed up (or given to Goodwill). In addition to all of the painting I have to do tomorrow her room is on the agenda.

All in all things are going well today. I think I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we can have the house in immaculate condition for the home tour....we'll see.
Stone Temple Pilots are on Jimmy Kimmel tonight so it is handy we are up this late painting.

STP is on now so I am listening to them and going to bed. Good Night!


  1. oh girl....I wish I could come help you paint, but Denver just left for like 5 days. I really do like to paint!!! i pray your day is productive!

  2. it was actually really hard for me to read this post....we're STILL painting. We've knocked out a good chunk of it but since moving in it's actually become harder to do. Now Jeremy is considering painting the exterior too. I just hope that your kids understand not "bumping" into the paint....mine started wearing the same outfits everyday b/c I was tired of them ruining everything. Hang in there and remember what the outcome means!!!