Friday, May 09, 2008

Grammar Police Pet Peeve

I think I have said this before and I will say it again: I am by no means a perfect grammar girl. That said one of my huge grammar pet peeves is the use of I and Me.

When one is placing a caption under a photo it should read "Me and Bobby" or "Bobby and Me". It should not read "Bobby and I" unless it is followed by "went to the movies" or some other action. One would never caption a picture of just yourself "I", it would be "me".

I know I learned this grammar lesson in elementary school. Is it not being taught anymore?

Here is a small grammar lesson if you are struggling with I and Me:

If the verb comes before, its "you & me" (He GAVE it to you & me.)
If the verb comes after, its "you & I". (You & I ARE GOING to the movies.)
You can see when its 'broken down', why this is so:" He gave it to you & he gave it to me." ---- "You are going to the movies & I am going to the movies."

You can also read about it here.


  1. I agree with you on the "me" and "I" thing. No, I don't believe basic grammer or handwriting is a major focus in school. Why teach this when we have computers to correct us and write for us? There are times in your life that a computer will not be used, such as in speaking.

  2. This is my grammar pet peeve too!!

  3. Saundra3:36 AM

    I wish people would learn to SPELL "definitely"! My boss received a cover letter that said the girl was going to defiantly do something. I'm pretty sure she meant definitely....

    Good luck with the home tour!