Thursday, April 03, 2008


is the number of accidents Little Man has had today!!
is the number of times Munchkin cried going into school today!!

It has been a good day. :)


  1. YEA!!

    i'm sorry i haven't been here in forever!

    i just thought of something this morning - i was taking pictures of our school projects to do a post on them and it occurred to me - didn't you ask a while back about all the papers munchkin brings home from school? we just started lapbooking and it condenses our leftover papers into a file folder. we organize it by subject, but if it's easier you could do it by week or month for munchkin. it's something my kids love holding and looking at after it's all put together and it helps them review what they've learned - plus i enjoy putting them together for them right now since they're too little and it's a keepsake of this time in their life.

    anyway, just a thought!