Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yard Sale, Yard Sale

I feel like I need to be on the corner calling out to people to come to our yard sale. We have made about $20 so far this morning. Hopefully more people will come and want to buy the rest of our "stuff". I had one lady get out of her car and I just knew she was the "I will give you this much or I walk" type. I was right. I sold her a cabinet I had marked for $10 for $5. I am such a pushover. Oh well, I bought it for $5 so no loss right? :)

We are hoping to get a lot done on the house today however it is freezing! We were hoping to pressure wash our porch and siding on the addition, till the backyard, take off the lower lever of storm windows, and mow the lawn. I am not sure how much can happen though. It is pretty muddy from all the rain to be mowing and we will freeze doing the pressure washing. Ah, maybe we will just suffer through it and get it done....

OK, I think I am warm enough I better head back out to the yard sale....

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  1. Anonymous5:48 AM

    sorry I could'nt be there to help! I hope you got alot done! I can help this week!