Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When it rains it pours.....

otherwise known as things that annoy me or stress me out:

Getting a house ready to sell is not a fun job. I am a terrible housekeeper so I am now seeing all of the dust in the corners.

The air conditioning going out in our SUV just in time for summer.

Finally being able to budget but not being used to it yet.

Finding out we owe $475 for a procedure I had 2 months ago.

Taking our 11 year old car in today and being told it will be $1500-$1600 for a new transmission...or I can sell it for $300. No thanks.

Thinking about my student loans that are on forbearance and having a small panic attack.

Fixing up the entire front yard and finding dog poop in it. (Our dog has been at a friends house since the beginning of the month)

Fixing up the entire front yard and our maple tree dumping 5 million whirlybirds on it. We'll be picking those out of the mulch the day before the home tour.

Selling something on Craigslist, having Bobby deliver it "on his way to work" and the person not being there...twice. I am not sure $10 is worth the hassle.

Oh, I am sure there are more. Anyone else have a day like this?

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  1. Uugh! Karen- I so feel you girl. We almost always have something major go out right about the time Jim gets his Christmas bonus. :) I guess I should at least be thankful for the timing of it all.
    Can't wait to see your house!!