Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Softball practice #2

There was a surprising lack of drama at tonight's practice. "Troublemaker mom" didn't show up tonight. Is it bad that I hope she doesn't come back? Her little girl was really sweet but her presence on the field last night made things really tense. Everyone had so much more fun getting to know each other tonight. Even "team mom" backed off a bit.


  1. So glad there was less drama and the girls had fun.

  2. Karen,
    Hi. I am Tracy Brothers' sister-in-law, Jeff's sister. I live in Texas. I was reading this and it hit home with me. If your kids stay in sports, get used to this behavior by parents. There is at least one like this on each team your child is on. It is so sad. My husband works for the Atlanta Braves so I've been around pro baseball for almost 20 years. During my son's baseball games, I REALLY have to bite my tongue when I hear things said by a parent (or see how they act) because half of the time they do not know what they are talking about. I share some of my experiences on my blog. If you check it out, just look under the sports label.

  3. Karen,
    Been there, seen that plenty of times in 14 years of coaching. The coach can control with a parent meeting that explicitly lays down the rules - what the coach's philosophy is, what the coach expects and what he/she will NOT tolerate. If the parents don't agree, they are free to remove their child and go to another team. The the first time something happens, the coach needs to follow through and tell the parent to behave or leave (I like leave the best). If it happens again, kick them off the team. Glad Bethany is having fun - her Daddy & uncles did too.