Saturday, April 12, 2008


Munchkins first ever scrimmage game was this morning. We got to the field a half an hour early. I am assuming that was so the girls could get warmed up... which was good....because it was freezing. I actually went back to the car for a blanket.

Once we got on the field we realized that none of our girls had ever played softball aside from our 3 practices last week. Munchkin is on a 5 and 6 year old team but most of the girls are 5. The other team had 2 girls that I am sure are pushing 7. Those two did all of the work and all of the other girls just stood around in the field.

Our girls were lucky if they realized a ball had been hit! :)
"Team mom" was doing good for a bit. All of sudden she starts in with "Why is that girl over there? Doesn't she know she isn't supposed to be over there?"
I turned around and said "I am pretty sure she doesn't know where she is supposed to be as they have only had 3 practices. Most of these girls are new to any kind of sport not just softball. And, they are 5 and 6. Plus it is a scrimmage!" I did say all of that with a smile on my face and the best tone I could muster. She looked a little sheepish (not that I was trying to make her feel dumb) when she said that she did need to remember she had been doing this for 20 years and the girls were just learning.

"Troublemaker mom" was back too. I guess she was back on Thursday too but I was at a MOPS Tea party. She pretty much separated herself from everyone else. That is until her little guy pulled out a giant bag of fruit snacks. All of a sudden Little Man and my neighbors boy were his best friends. She came a little closer and I told her that I was not letting the boys eat all of the fruit snacks. She kind of smiled and just said she doesn't come to the field without a snack that can be shared. This woman has been on my heart since my last post. I have prayed for her that if there is some need that I can meet or that our team can meet that we will be able to find ways to do that.

Maybe now that we have had a scrimmage and should be getting our game schedule soon things will settle down. Less Drama! More Fun!!

Now onto the good part!
Bobby helped out in the dugout getting the girls in their lineup to bat.
Munchkin was about 5th up or so. She did great!! I think the giant helmet is making it hard for her to run fast. I have got to go pick up a chin strap! She got to first base just fine. When she ran to second she ran waaaaaayyyy out into the field. I guess she thought "those girls are in my way! I am going around!!" Once she got to third everyone was yelling for her to go on home. The tee was on top of home so she just stood right on top of it. Little Man was cheering his little lungs out for her! It was adorable! :)

I think she liked being out there. Hopefully the games will go a little better than the scrimmage in that the girls will actually learn to catch and throw the ball!

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