Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rusty Nails

I forgot to mention that I stepped on a rusty nail this weekend. No, not once but twice!
My neighbor was out and has just laid sod. I wanted to ask him about it and went out through our back gate. On my way out I stepped on a nail sticking out of a board. I even saw it and thought "We should not let the kids play back here with those rusty nails out here!"
It went right through my crocs flip flops. When I came back through the gate I stepped on it with my other foot. Duh! I didn't even think about a tetnes shot until everything was closed.

After Moms in Touch on Tuesday I went to Walgreen's to get a shot. They don't take me insurance yet so I went to CVS. Because I had a puncture wound they wouldn't see me and sent me off to an urgent care facility. I was trying to avoid paying the big copay for the emergency room and accomplished that by going to the Urgent Care.

The Dr. came in and barely looked at my foot and just told me to come back if it gets inflamed or swollen. So far so good. The EMT came in and gave me my shot. Yeah, my arm still hurts. Apparently though, I have a really high pain tolerance. My feet are not bothering me at all. Several people couldn't believe I was out walking around. They said they would be at home with their feet up. Crazy.

So, it hurt to have a nail stuck in my foot. It did not hurt to have a shot. It does hurt in the aftermath of the shot but my feet don't hurt. I guess I better be a little more careful the next time I go out the back gate!

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