Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random 5 am stuff

I should not eat pizza, garlic bread or anything spicy. It doesn't matter that I take prilosec every night before bed, if I eat one of those things I wake up coughing my head off. The darn acid comes up and I choke! Sorry may be TMI for people but it drives me crazy!

Yesterday Little Man and I buried a baby bird in the backyard. We were measuring the backyard to see if we could get sod when I saw a little pink orange thing. I thought it was the kids little jelly frog but it looked weird. So, like any good grownup up I poked it with a stick. As soon as I saw it was a featherless baby bird I could see it was dead. Little Man was very interested but of course I didn't let him touch it. We dug a little hole and put a rock on top. He said "wha else we do?" So we said a little prayer for the baby bird. He was so sweet and seemed so sad for the baby bird.
I am guessing the wind must have knocked it out of the tree. :0(

I had to go to Home Depot twice yesterday. I went with Little Man in the morning to pick up a door knob, a putty knife and grass seed (sod is too expensive). When we got home I tried to put the new blinds up....yeah I measured and thought they were 27 inches. Apparently the day I measured I must have been distracted because I needed 30 inch blinds.

So, after dropping Munchkin, Little Man and Hubby off at softball practice I went to Home Depot by myself! I don't think I have ever been in there by myself!
I returned the door knob (as I only needed a dead bolt) and returned the blinds. I bought 2 new sconces for the front of the house. We are getting a new front door on Monday and we are painting it black so I needed new sconces to put out there with the new door. I got black spraypaint for the mailbox, 3 sets of 30 inch blinds, a deadbolt and 3 big bags of pine nugget mulch. I wouldn't have picked that except a landscaper guy that lives in my neighborhood said it was the best stuff.

Have you seen the show Eli Stone? The season finale was on Wednesday. I loved it! My other favorite as most people know is The Office. If you have not seen this weeks episode go to Hulu and watch it! I just love Jim and Pam! :)

The home tour is coming up May 17. Yeah, we have 29 days to get our house ready...I am kinda freaking out. Yesterday as I was out an about I just felt so anxious. Oh yeah. We are having a picture taken of our house on Tuesday for the tour. So, between now (5:35 am) Saturday and 4 PM Tuesday we need to finish painting the trim on the porch and front windows, paint the new front door black, spray paint the mailbox, paint the porch swing, put away all of the junk on the front porch (paint cans, bubbles, sidewalk chalk), finish weeding all of our flower beds out front, lay mulch, plant some extra flowers (my tulips will probably be dead by then), and get the rest of the moss off of the roof. That may be it.....

Ok, I am going back to bed. My sweet kids will probably be up in half an hour. So, another day with not enough sleep..... woo hoo! :)

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  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Wow!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your house!!! But I hope I don't see pictures of you in hospital bed with your tongue hanging out, and a sign over your bed that says..."I know.....but you should see my HOUSE!!" ;-)