Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poopy Robot Boy and Fashion Crisis

Bobby and I went to bed at 9:30 last night. We were exhausted! At about 6:45 this morning in came Little Man. Munchkin came in saying that he was stinky. After jumping on us, leading with their knees, singing a few songs and just all around making us laugh Munchkin left to go get dressed. Little Man stood up on the bed and started saying over and over, in a lovely robot voice, "I poopy robot boy, I poopy robot boy!" Bobby and I just laughed and laughed and then I made him get up to change him. :)

Munchkin wore a cute Dora the Explorer spinny dress today. She was so excited to be able to twirl around in it. We went to the air show after church (more on that to come) and had to make a hike to the bathroom. While we were in there Munchkin said "Why did I choose this dress today? It is so hard to go potty in without it getting wet! Oh yeah, I chose it cuz it is just sooo cute!!!" Um...first fashion crisis? What we ladies will do for cute....

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  1. Geoff and I laughed and laughed at poopy robot boy. We've had a few of those moments with annie too. Cracks me up.