Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One Busy Day and 1 Accident

Whew! What a day!
We started off in our normal fashion but quickly escalated to full fledged busy.

Little Man has clicked with the peepee but we are going to have to start working on number 2. We are so excited because he "peepeed in the potty with his wewe" every time he went today! Woohoo!! Of course he did the other deed in his underwear. Ewww.

After doing a load of laundry, unloading and reloading the dishwasher and washing a few more dishes my friend Susan came over to help me prime my basement. (Thanks Susan) It was so fun to hang out with her and have good conversation with a girlfriend! We got almost the entire area I want to paint primed. There were a couple spots neither of us could reach so those are going to Bobby to prime. Little Man played the entire time we were painting.

After picking Munchkin up from school we headed over to PetSmart to pick up a huge bag of dogfood and a new tag for Kelsey. She is going to stay at my friend Jill's house for a couple of months while we are trying to sell our house. Hopefully we will find a place with more space for her when we move.

Ever since we bought our SUV there has been a trick to getting the hatch open. It is most annoying when I have my hands full of groceries. Well, yesterday it decided to just stop opening all together. Bobby couldn't get it open, I couldn't get it open and I got frustrated.
After Petsmart I went to Goodyear to see if one of the guys there might be able to get it open. You should have seen the 4 big guys yanking and pulling on the trunk of my SUV! It was kind of funny. They referred me to Bobby Rays (which always makes me think of Sweet Home Alabama) collision repair. The guy there yanked and pulled and pushed and couldn't get it open. He said I could bring it back Friday, drop it off and he would take the panels off to see if he could fix it. Ding, Ding, Ding!!! Panels

When I got home I let the kids play in the front yard while I got in and took the panels off myself! I managed to get the hatch open but that was about as far as I got. Bobby got home and tried to figure it out. He managed to get it stuck so that it wouldn't close at all. There happened to be a guy across the street that is pretty handy with cars. He helped Bobby get it working again! Woo hoo!
It was important that we get it open because we were taking Kelsey over to Jill's tonight.

We finally got everyone back in the car and took off for Jill's. I think Kelsey is going to love being out there. She was a little upset when we left because we stuck her in the run. Hopefully she will adjust quickly and enjoy being out there. Munchkin was very upset when we left even though she knew that was why we were going out there tonight.

We got home at about 7:45...finally. Now my sweet kiddos are in bed and I am taking a much needed break from the day!


  1. I so enjoyed talking to you today! It was fun to hang out and paint. :) Thanks for not posting the picture of me on here. I got home from your house and man I was looking crazy with my no shower self! ha!

  2. did they say what was wrong? the hatch on my minivan gives me issues sometimes. i just thought it was me!