Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So much to do, so little time.
We have been so busy the last few days working on the house I have hardly had time to check email, much less blog.
On Monday, my friend Trina, came over to help me work on the front yard. She and I weeded all of my front flower beds and put down 3 big bags of mulch. Mary Claire Crow was coming Tuesday at 4 pm to take a picture of my house for the home tour brochure. So, I needed to have at least the front of the house looking good.
Yesterday I planted some flowers in pots and painted my brand spankin new front door black. I, for one, am not a fan of painting things black as it takes 50 coats to make it look good! It still needs at least one coat but looked ok for the picture.

I had MOPS today...It is my second to last meeting. I have loved being in MOPS for the last 3 years but I this is my last year. The first year I was the Creative Activities Coordinator. Last year I was a Table Leader and this year I have been able to just soak it all in. I really could stay in one more year but we don't know what the next year holds for us. There is an added cost next year also as the budget for childcare was cut. There are a few options for paying for it but since we only have one more year and Little Man may be in Preschool/Mothers Day Out it is one more day he would be away from me. I don't think I am ready to let him go 3 days a week yet!

Today was his first little performance. The kids came in in a little animal parade and his class was supposed to sing a song on the stage. He didn't want to do it so he sat and watched. Silly boy!
He finally climbed up the ladder to the slide at the mall today though! That was a huge step. He climbed more at the playground while Munchkin was at softball practice.

This may be the only season we do softball. It took 15 minutes of Munchkin crying and screaming about not wanting to go to get her into her practice clothes and into the car. Once she was there she had fun but the anticipation is horrible. I am praying it won't be like this for every practice or game. grr.

Bobby was working hard on our backyard when we got home tonight. He got grass seed planted in most of it. There is a little more prep work in one area and then he can plant more seed. Woohoo!

We have discovered our backyard is overrun with caterpillars! Both kids LOVE finding them playing with them. The top of Munchkins outdoor dollhouse has several cocoons already and I am sure there are more on their way. I am thinking we will check on them each day and see when they turn into butterflies!

When I am not too tired to move I will get pictures off the camera so you can see the house, Little Mans performance and of course more softball!

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