Friday, April 18, 2008


Did you feel it?
In my head I thought "this feels like an earthquake" but probably would have slept through it if Bobby hadn't grabbed my leg and said "Is that an earthquake?"
I am up this early because neither of us could go back to sleep. I told him I would check to see if it was a tiny local one or a bigger far away one. Well, it was a 5.4 in Illinois. Check out the map here
Off to check the news and see if the people in Illinois are OK.


  1. We felt it! I woke up and was like, "Is it a tornado!" That was weird. Katie guessed helicopter, but, must have been the earthquake!

  2. I got an e-mail from my sister in Clarksville saying the earthquake woke her up. I saw where the last earthquake in that area was in 1968 and it registered at 5.3. I actually remember that. I was 5 years old and living in Clarksville. My grandfather and I were in front of the old Cain-Sloan store in Clarksville which is now their Public Library. This man walked past us and asked, "Did you feel that? I think it was an earthquake." I don't know hoe but I have always remembered that clear as day and it was 40 years ago.

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Man....leave Tennessee and what happens???? An earthquake!! However, it's a pretty good chance that I would have slept right through it anyway. Glad everybody is OK though!

  4. Lisag8:43 PM

    I felt it up here in sw michigan. It must have just woke me up, cuz i woke up and felt my body jiggling a little. I thought instantly - earthquake? NO, they don't happen here. Then i found out when i got up it was!