Friday, April 25, 2008

Double Date

Bobby and I have known Ron and Angela for about 6 years. We have had lots of fun with them and love to hang out with them. Last night the 4 of us went on a double date. Munchkin had her first Kindergarten program so we, of course, had to go to that first. Ron got tickets to Bon Jovi and when Angela asked if we could go we jumped at the chance. (Thank you Ron and Angela!! :) )

Daugherty was the opener and did a fantastic job. We missed a few songs at the beginning but got there in plenty of time to see his big radio hits.

Bobby made the comment that the seats were fantastic for old people. And yes, he did mean us! We were in the ticketmaster suite so we had comfy chairs, didn't have to stand the whole time, and could see everything. :) I think by old maybe he meant me...I had to put my glasses on to actually be able to see the stage...

What a cute couple these two are, don't ya think? :)
I had to do an artistic photoshop thing on this one of me and Ang so you can't see how sweaty I really was. I was really shiny!
Check out this stage! Ron was flabbergasted and flummoxed all at the same time. Those 3 screens you can see on the bottom (there is a 4th turned another way) moved around into different formations. At a couple of points they stretched up like miniblinds. It was a really cool effect for one song. Not so much on bad medicine. I didn't like the effect on that song. I said to Bobby that I thought the floor was a screen too but he thought is was just a projection onto the floor....that is until it raised up like in the picture and you could see jon bon jovi huge like that!

There were 2 special guests, Big and Rich and Leann Rimes. Of course the crowd went wild when they came out.

We were so glad that they didn't play all recent music. They played their hits from the 80's and 90's as well. That ROCKED! This was such a fun concert and was such a fun double date!

Bobby and I came home to an empty house. Our kids stayed with a friend from school last night and had their own fun. It was very odd to wake up without the kids jumping in bed with us. Kind of sad. It gave me a glimpse of an emptynest. That will be a difficult transition so I am not going to think about it anymore!

I finished painting the I have to paint the basement and do the dishes. woohoo!

Just a little added bonus, here's me and Angela performing for you!


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I have to admit, we are VERY jealous of your night!

  2. Chris and I were there too on a double date! Didn't it rock! I have such a crush on Richie! "I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you...." whew!!!

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    This is hillarious! When I saw the video of you two, I felt like I was there.

  4. What a great concert!!!

  5. I wish I could have gone. I bet it was awesome. Thanks for sharing the experience! And I loved the video of you two girls singing!!!

  6. I hear you on the old part! Well, my ears are still ringing but the concert was fantastic! Glad you had fun....we were there and had a blast too!

  7. Had an awesome time. I'm glad you took some pictures. nice video..haha! :)

  8. I was so out of breath from singing along with Bad Medicene, I thought I must be getting old! So glad to see you had a great time too! Thanks for the comment!