Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let's Talk TV

Are you addicted to the TV? When and what do you watch?
I pretty much don't watch tv during the day. There is too much junk on that I don't want the kids to see. If we have it on it is either on Disney, PBS, or Noggin. Little Man LOVES SuperWhy and Little Einsteins.

I usually let Munchkin watch a little after school too so she can rest for a bit. Curious George and Maya and Miguel are around that time.

Our big time to watch is after the kids go to bed. There have been a lot of new shows out lately that Bobby and I have wanted to check out but of course they are on at the same time. Yeah for the DVR!

2 shows I wanted to comment on are Oprahs Big Give and Tracy Golds Secret Life of a Soccer Mom.

Oprahs show is pretty good. It always feels good to see people get help. I just don't like that it is a competition. Drew Barrymore was on Oprah the next day (DVR'd to watch later) and gave a million dollars to the World Food Bank. I know that stuff like this is supposed to inspire others to give big and help the world. As much as I want to give to the world I guess I am having a hard time when I know that kids that go to Munchkins school don't get enough to eat here in our little affluent community in Tennessee. I know that even some of the poorest people in the US are rich by the worlds standards but that still doesn't make them able to buy food here, or put a roof over there head here. When there is a question on the Kindergarten registration form that asks "Do you live under a bridge or in a bus station?" you know it is an issue. All that to say Oprahs show is a good one but I don't like the people being judged on how well they gave.

The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. What a weird show this was. The opening show was about a woman who went to college to be a fashion designer. They throw her into a job designing 3 dresses in 3 days and show the incompetent husband at home with the kids. The dialogue was awkward (which with no writers I guess is to be expected), the people she was working with seemed shallow and totally unhelpful. Maybe that is what the fashion industry is like but it didn't come across well on tv. At the end of show they brought the family in and she told them she had lied to them and she had a secret life. She told her 3 daughter that she didn't regret staying home with them but that this was what was missing. One of the daughters was adopted but they didn't give any back story on that. The mom said the adopted daughter had some issues but didn't go into any details. I guess it just made it hard to connect to the characters.

As a stay at home mom it seems like a fun show to watch and think about. I think it missed the mark though. I don't know maybe others will like this show and maybe it will get better in future episodes but I just didn't really like it. Many times I think about when I have to go back to work. It is not an if it is when. I would like to do something in my field but to be thrown into it with people who look like they have eaten sour grapes and are judging you from the second you walk in doesn't seem fair.

Anyway, those are the 2 shows I wanted to comment on. I can't wait for the return of The Office and Greys Anatomy. Come on April!

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  1. Hey Karen, I AM A TV ADDICT TOO! I'm so glad there's another one out there. I even had to start a separate blog to comment about it at I commented on last week's Big Give and I can't wait to see it tonight (on the DVR after the kids are in bed, just like you). What channel does Secret Life of a Soccer Mom come on? I've never even heard of it. I also like to comment on LOST, American Idol, and Survivor. I've never gotten into The Office but I can't wait for Greys Anatomy and Heroes.
    -Tracy Brothers