Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Leprechauns are Coming!

Yesterday we woke up to Munchkin saying Happy Sant Packtrucks Day!!!! She made sure she wore her leprechaun socks to bed so she wouldn't get pinched by leprechauns in the morning.
Apparently leprechauns are only as big as your thumb and hide in the grass. They visited her school on Friday and messed stuff up while her class was at PE and her teacher was at the office.

They opened one girls umbrella and stuck it in the blocks that they had knocked over. They knocked over some chairs, poured out magnets and got out stuff in centers and didn't even clean it up. The kids all had to clean it up and then had to go search for gold all over the school. The pot of chocolate gold was in their classroom when they got back.

To celebrate we made green pancakes for breakfast and looked for 4 leaf clovers in the yard. Since we didn't find any Munchkin wants to make them for good luck.

Do you remember celebrating St. Patricks Day when you were a kid. Everyone pinched each other of you weren't wearing green. Bobbys brother said they would wear the least amount of green they could so when someone pinched them they could hit them back. Nice...

We had a fun Sant Packtrucks day....how about you?


  1. My boys could not wait to pinch someone yesterday. I got pinched by both of them even though I had on olive pants- I told them that was a shade of green! That's cute about the leprechaun visiting your little girl's class and leaving the mayhem behind. I am so sad that I missed seeing you at Bunco last Tuesday. I had a horrible case of the flu. Thankfully everyone in the Waters home seems to be well again!!

  2. Uhm, well this one pretty much comes & goes at our house without much notice actually.

  3. Bryan being Irish loves St. Patrick's Day. He made a big deal about finding the right shirt we usually by them special shirts but I haven't had time to go and get any. Me we'll it's not that big to me I'm only Irish by marriage. :0) I don't even know what I am by blood probably Pollock. I didn’t want to note though you are a fabulous mom I love reading all the stories of the neat things you do with your kids. I think you and I have the same heart when it comes to our kids.