Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I say, what a lovely day!

Last year for Mothers Day Bobby gave me a gift card to A Moments Peace Salon and Day Spa. I was very appreciative of the gift but have not had a chance to use it until today. With Munchkin at school and Bobby in the studio the only little one we had to worry about was Little Man. Conveniently Bobby was able to take him to the studio with him and I picked him up when I was done.

I came home feeling like a new woman! A limp, noodle like, totally refreshed woman!

My Mini Spa Day included a 1/2 hour Swedish massage with hot stones, a 1/2 hour facial and a spa manicure. The massage was first and completely relaxed me. After that I went to the little waiting room until the lady came to get me for the facial. I was sitting there in my little wrap and bath robe reading Glamour magazine thinking how nice it was to be treated like a princess!

My favorite part of the facial was the hot towels she placed on my face. All of the different scrubs smelled delicious too!
When we were done she sent me in to get my regular clothes back on and to go back to the little waiting area. To my surprise 2 men were in there. I was glad that I was in my regular clothes because that could have been uncomfortable. The one guy was in there for some kind of wax job. He was petty buff. The other guy I couldn't figure out...maybe he was there for a massage. He had a scruffy musician look to him.

My next stop was for my manicure. The girl did a good job but I was not thrilled with her personality. She swore at least once and told me that she felt like she had been working on my nails for 50 hours. Seriously? I didn't let that get me down though, it was still great!

Now, Mothers Day is coming up in a couple of months....I think I might hope for something similar and use it much quicker this time!

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