Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I got that Joy, Joy Joy Joy

down in my heart..... Are you singing it in your head? Ha! It will be there all day long!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down. Mostly because I saw myself on video and couldn't believe how I looked. Yes, I know I need to lose a few pounds...or 60. But, when I look in the mirror at my house I don't think I look that bad. I suppose it was seeing myself next to my skinny mini friends that all think they need to lose another 10 or so. If they need to lose another 10 what do they think of me when they look at me? My mind can go to all kinds of places and it goes back to pleasing others instead of God.

I have been robbed of my joy long enough. Yes, I need to get on track with some kind of program because I have not been treating "the temple" very well. But, I really want to focus on being joyful always and in all circumstances. Before we moved to Tennessee I had a friend who said to me "I am tired of listening to you complain about being fat, do something about it!" I was really offended for about 6 hours and then got over it. She was a good friend who kicked me in the butt to get moving. No one had ever said that to me before. So, I am listening to her voice in my head now as I am starting over not just on a diet but in reclaiming my Joy in the Lord. No one is going to do it for me.

That is all, I have just been having a pity party the last few day and it is time to come out of the funk!

If anyone wants to join me in some kind of program I would love to get together with you!


  1. Can you get together with me over here? On on your page sister. I need someone to kick my butt!! Where's Jillian when you need her.


  2. Add me to your friend list who needs to be kicked in the butt. I have been getting up at 4:38 am and working out from 5-6 three days a week for over a year. . . but I have neglected to change my eating the past nine months. . . that makes no sense! Your blog was motivating. . . the thought of being held accountable makes me want to vomit - but I could never go the bulemic route!! haha - I know that probably isn't funny, but I always tell my sister (who has battled anorexia and bulemia) that I couldn't do that if I WANTED TO!!! I love food too much. Anyway. . . we should talk! Thanks for being so vulnerable to share on your blog. I love this blog thing!!!