Thursday, March 20, 2008

I fweakin owt!

This morning I noticed Little Mans toenails had gotten really long. I had him climb up on my bed so I could trim them. He used to scream and cry and thrash around making it very difficult to trim them. This time though he just said "I fweakin out!" Bobby and I looked at each other like "did you hear what he just said?" We couldn't help but laugh and explained to him that he didn't need to freak out because cutting your toenails is a normal part of life...and it doesn't hurt. :)

Apparently I was asleep when all of that happened. Bobby read my post and said this is not what he said. He said Little Man said "I Not Fweakin Out, I a big boy!!"
That is why we thought it was so cute! In hindsight I think he is right!

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