Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am pulling my hair out!

At least this morning I am. The "early" service starts in 3 minutes. That would be 10 am. 3 of us are still in our robes and "Melt in your Mouth" chocolate chip muffins are about to come out of the oven. One person is still in bed due to recording until the wee hours of the morning. I am hoping to make it to the 11:30 service but I haven't even gotten a shower yet!

Why am I pulling my hair out you ask? Because I am tired and that makes me extra grumpy. My children are not listening to me. Everything from get your hair wet in the bath tub to please get dressed before the muffins come out of the oven has been met with protest! Grr.

Little Man is usually complaint and sweet. This morning he is whinier than I have ever heard him. Everything out of his mouth has been with a whiny inflection. In fact I probably sound whiny writing about him being whiny.

After peeing his pants and more whining we did have a bright spot. His pants were not too wet and a few minutes later he peed in the little potty! We did do a little dance for that. He almost gets it..this whole potty training thing...I think. It's like a small light has appeared in the distance that brings with it a whole new world of no diapers!!!

Writing this stuff down is kind of therapeutic for me I think. The muffins are out and on plates. The kids fought over who got to sit on my lap for a few minutes. Little Einsteins came on and it is now quiet. Ahhh. Ok, off to wash my hair since I don't feel like pulling it out anymore.


  1. Where are you all going to church now? Have i already asked you this??? :)

  2. Ah the screaming and fighting and whining that is Sunday morning. Why is it that the worst attitudes, fights, issues, diapers...happen just before or on our way to church. I'm pretty sure I know why, but it still stinks!

  3. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Oh my did you have enough forethought to write about what was going on?? I would have just sat down with the muffins, eaten them all myself, and told the kids to play in the tub until the water ran cold. Sounds like a perfectly good day to rest at home!! Ha! We've all been there.