Saturday, March 29, 2008

How will I be perceived?

As I drove by an antique store today I was struck by an elderly gentleman. He was sitting outside the store on a barrel smoking a cigarette. He looked fairly fit, not too tall and had a pageboy cap on.
I think I noticed him because of the hat. I wondered about him and his life. Was he an artist, a musician, a teacher, a father, a grandfather, an antiques dealer. How did he look at himself in the mirror this morning? Did he pick his hat and think back to the days when he was playing guitar to stadiums full of people. Or did he pick it to cover a balding head.

I often see people and wonder about them. I want to ask questions about their life. I hope that their lives have been full of love and adventure. Of course there is loss for everyone but you always hope there hasn't been too much of that.

Seeing him today made me think of what I will be like around age 70. Will I be active and raring to go? Will I be a couch potato? What will technology look like and will I embrace it?

What will people think when they see me when I am not 30 something mother of preschoolers? I hope they will see a woman of Grace. A woman who is focused on Christ, her family and friends. As someone they want to get to know and not just wonder about my story. Everyone has one, what is yours?


  1. They what they see now a beautiful women heart, mind, and spirit.

  2. oh, girl, that gives me chills.

    very good post.

    i'm a people watcher too. and i always wonder about people at night when we're driving around and i see their lights on. i pray that there is happiness inside those walls.