Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gigi's Cupcakes Nashville

After much anticipation we finally got to have cupcakes at Gigi's in Nashville. The first time we went it was not open yet. The second time we drove past I was in a stupor from my endoscopy and they still weren't least that is what Bobby tells me.This time I called first.

We managed to get our huge SUV into a spot in the teeny parking lot. It was never full when Off the Grill was there....I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see the lot was full.

This first pic was actually after we were done. I was getting dirty looks from someone trying to get out of the parking lot...
When we walked into the store it of course smelled so yummy! The kid cake was the first one spotted by all of the kids. Only 1 of them decided that was the one they wanted though. Munchkin went for a milk chocolate cupcake, our drummers little guy got wedding cake and I got Midnight Magic. Munchkin went to town and ate almost all of hers. Little Man ate the worm off of his and a few bites of frosting and drummer boy ate about 1 bite of frosting.

Kid Cake

Midnight Magic

I am sure all of the cupcakes were delicious and I loved mine but we missed out on some of the other flavors that were available in the morning. If we had been there early enough there was some kind of princess cupcake and a Raspberry Buckle cupcake. The Midnight Magic was chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips with that huge amount of frosting and more chocolate chips. Yep, a chocolate lovers dream!

Munchkin with her Milk Chocolate cupcake

Little Man with his Kid Cake. He didn't want to wait to have his picture taken with it.

This is Gigi herself! You can find out more about her on her website. She was very sweet and came out to talk to the kids. She even took each of their pictures with their cupcakes to put on the wall.
There was not a break in customers while we were there. Even though the parking lot is small it is an ingenious location! Within walking distance from Vandy she will not be in short supply of customers, that is for sure!

If you are downtown give Gigi's Cupcakes a swirl! You will be glad you did!


Heinzfeet said...

That's really cool. How did you find out about that place? Is it expensive? Looks yummy!

Karen said...

Kinda spendy. I think the cupcakes are 3.00 each or 2.75 each in a dozen.
Bobby happened to drive by and told me about it.

Princess Kacey said...

I could just look at cupcakes for hours! I spent like an hour looking at photos of cupcakes on flickr. I just love the colors and textures. Yummy!


Susan said...

Those look scrumptious!!

Amy Lafayett said...

Rick called me the other day from work and said that someone had brought in the most delicious cupcakes. He had a lemon one. I told him to find out where. . . and it was Gigi's! I really want to try them out. He said they were to die for! Well, those weren't his words. . . but sounded like what I would have said based on his description! :)

Izzie B said...

Cupcakes are OVERRATED!!!

Dry cake, icing is average but they taste like nothing more than boxed cake mix. Wouldn't waste my time and staff is well not friendly, including Gigi.

Anonymous said...


Cool Springs TN News said...

Izzie B,

You need to go back. Gigi's Cupcakes are hardly overrated. They are the among the best cupcakes you'll ever have. I sincerely encourage you to try them again. They are my favorite and I've always had a good experience. Maybe they were having an off day when you visited.

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