Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Big Ol' Egg Drop

We are normally a hit every Easter Egg hunt within 30 miles kind of family. The last 2 years we have done the MOPS Easter Egg Hunt along with a couple in our neighborhood. Well, this year the MOPS hunt got called off for rain and we didn't make it to any of the ones in our neighborhood.
A couple of days ago I saw a link on Carries blog for the Big Ol' Egg Drop and thought that would be a fun one to go to.

This morning after cinnamon rolls we headed to Station Camp High School to join the fun. The festivities were supposed to start at 11. We got there about 10:35 and got in the line that was already starting to stretch into the parking lot. The first 100 kids got special Easter Baskets....they ran out about 10 kids ahead of us. But, our kiddos didn't know anything about that so there was no disappointment there. After getting through the gate we went and played a couple of games. Munchkin did her first potato sack race, an egg balancing race (Little Man did that too only he just stood at the start line til the other kids got back), and a Bean Bag Toss. After those we thought we would go see if we knew anyone in line. We were looking for The Soccer Star and her daddy.

We ran into Amy and Denver, Amy L, and saw Leslie from across the way.

When it was finally time to line up I managed to get Munchkin, Little Man and the Soccer Star up by the edge of the track. A bunch of people rushed the field and the coordinators made them all get back to the track. We were waiting for a helicopter to drop 8000 eggs. I wondered how those 8000 eggs were not going to break open and spill their contents.

Munchkin, Little Man and the Soccer Star were so excited to get out there. When it was finally time to go out they ran. Little Man turned around with tears in his eyes because he took off without us and I think he got scared. Munchkin and the Soccer Star were ticked because they each got 1 egg. Yep....1.

My bunco friend Nicole happened to come up behind us and her little guy dropped one of his eggs in Little Mans bucket. That was very sweet because he only had about 4 eggs. (Thanks Nicole!!). Little man was thrilled with his one egg and even more excited when he found out there were smarties inside!

The field cleared really quickly and we stayed out and played freeze tag for a few minutes. That cheered the girls up quite a bit.

Bobby and I both laughed because there were so many eggs on the field and the entire thing was over in about 30 seconds. A guy he works with even told us they had 11,000 eggs out there and it still happened that fast. This was the first time this event has taken place and I am sure they will make a few changes for next year. We had fun though and our kids had fun even getting just 1 egg. :) The best part by far was seeing the Easter bunny in the helicopter that was dropping all of the eggs!


  1. Your video of this is hilarious!! I love your caption..."18 seconds later." Glad that your kiddos got at least one egg!

  2. GREAT VIDEO! That was sooo funny. We had a similar situation because we missed the MOPS egg hunt and then my mom scheduled us to go on an egg hunt in her neighborhood. We showed up all dressed up on Sunday at 2:00pm for an event that happened on Friday. All the pictures of our family have my oldest looking just like your children 18 seconds later! We ended up buying some cheap flip flops to get the smile back. Terrible, I know!

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    That is by far the funniest, yet cutest thing I have seen! They were so excited, and then at the end, they looked so sad... We were going to go, but now I am kinda glad we didn't I guess... Glad yal had a good time though- good quality family time right?
    Take care- great video, you are so good!
    Mandy LeMay

  4. Well, hopefully they raised lots of money for the tornado victims since there were soooo many people there. I was so bummed that me and Luke missed it but now I guess I'm glad I wasn't trying to keep up with him in that crowd!

  5. The Big Ol' Egg Drop is back on this year, but it's bigger and better.

    20,000 easter eggs dropped from a helicopter. More eggs and more inflatables this year. Every child will get eggs.

    Please help us get the word out!