Friday, February 22, 2008

You Know You Are Getting Old When....

the eye doctor is younger than you.

I went to get my eyes checked because contrary to popular belief "I don't see very well".
Actually I just can't see at night.... or when it is raining..... or at dusk(I wouldn't make a very good vampire).

The nurse, who looked like she could still be in high school did all of the prelim stuff and told me the Doctor would be right in. When he entered the room I thought of a friend of ours from college 10 years ago and of that meteorologist on channel 5. He was nice enough but I really thought what classes is he skipping to check my eyes? Yikes.
I asked the nurse how old he was.....dun dun dun...28. Yep I am feeling old.


  1. Okay - give me a break - and you are all of 30 maybe :). I hit the big 4-O, so I feel like I could be their grandma. I love the picture of you guys!! Just checking in to see what you all have been up to - maybe we'll see each other again at one of the special mom's thingys - I can't make it to LongHorns either.

  2. SO know. i bought skoal (i'm so telling on him!) for my husband the other day and didn't take my i.d. in. i worried i'd have to go back to the van. nope. i guess i don't look younger than 18. duh?!

  3. Girl, I know what you mean. Rick's office keeps adding these new doctors and I say, "How old are they?" And they are all young thirties. Kill me! Are we really that old???