Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unconditional love or selfishness

The Giving Tree has always been one of my very favorite books. I have a copy from when I was a little girl and have just recently pulled it out so Munchkin can experience the joy of this book. It has always represented unconditional love to me. The tree gives everything for the boy and still loves him no matter what. Even when she is not happy she still loves him. It is kind of a God parallel book for me.

The other day as Munchkin was reading the book to Bobby he pointed out how depressing it was because the boy was so selfish. But, isn't that how we all are sometimes? I am glad that no matter how selfish I am sometimes that God still loves me.

What do you think? When you read the Giving Tree are you warm and fuzzy because of the unconditional love aspect. Or, are you disturbed because of how selfish the boy is?


  1. i've never thought about the boy's actions. it was always about the tree to me and how he provided everything the young, then old man needed. i've never even thought to draw a parallel to God--but it so works. i've been looking for that book at the library the last couple of weeks, because it's been on my mind. it's one of my favs too!

  2. we have it too - i'm a shel fanatic.

    it's both for me. and absolutely a parallel - even when we think we aren't thinking we're selfish - we still are. and oh, his love for us.