Friday, February 29, 2008

The Things we do for Sleep

I have battled with severe acid reflux for years and finally went to the doctor 2 weeks ago. He was very nice and put me on some samples of a drug called Acifex. It was like a miracle drug! I have not had ANY acid reflux in the last two week. I called back on Tuesday to let him know that I was feeling good and he said to go ahead and schedule an endoscopy so we could check to make sure everything was ok. He wanted to check to make sure I didn't have a hiatal hernia, lesions on my esophagus, or a condition call Barretts.

This morning was the big day. Bobby and the kids came with me for the procedure. While I was in doing my thing he took them to Krispy Kreme for breakfast.
The nurse that was putting my IV in missed the first time (I am not scared of needles and I have a fairly high pain tolerance but I would rather not be jabbed a bunch of times) and said "I am going to have someone else do your IV because when the vein rolls I just am done!" I said "I appreciate that" with a smile. She looked relieved that I didn't bite her head off for getting it the first time. The other nurse came over and had that thing in in 3 seconds flat!

As they were rolling me down the hall I had a memory of being rushed to the ER for Little Mans emergency C-Section. It was nice to see the ceiling tiles moving but not flashing by so fast I couldn't count them. The nurse in the procedure room sprayed some stuff in my throat to make it numb and then said when I started to get sleepy they would put a bite block in my mouth. That is the last thing I remember until I woke up in the recovery room. Bobby and our kiddos were there and apparently I was snoring quite loudly! :)

We took Munchkin to school and then Bobby dropped me off at home. He turned on the TV for Little Man who pretty much sat in front of the TV until 1:15 this afternoon watching everything the Disney Channel had to offer. Maybe not Disney, I think I remember turning it to Noggin when he said he didn't want to watch Zach and Cody.

I am still a little sleepy and here it is 5:18. But I got 2 hours of totally uninterrupted sleep this morning. Sure, there was a tube down my throat but who's complaining? :)

Oh yeah, since I don't remember anything, if you need to get an endoscopy done it is a simple procedure!

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  1. Thanks for keeping everyone up on what cool, crazy, and well, medical things your family is going through. I know alot of people enjoying reading it, I know I do. God Bless!