Monday, February 04, 2008

Quiet Reflection

Every so often I have these moments where I feel like my kids are growing so fast and I am missing them. Which is crazy because even though Munchkin is in Kindergarten Little Man is still my constant companion. Every so often you hear people say "don't miss anything you will regret it later" or "it goes by so quickly don't miss a second!". It does go by quickly and I try to treasure each moment with my kiddos.
Today as I watched Munchkin walk through our font door I saw how much of a little girl she is now instead of a baby. I had a glimpse of what she will look like and hopefully act like in 10 years. She was in faded blue jeans and a blue hoodie with purple crocs. She was confident and sassy in a good way. She is so sweet now and I hope she never loses that sweetness. I have a specific memory of the two of us sitting on our porch swing. It was warm and it was raining. She was about 9 months old and still quite bald. She absolutely loved to swing on the porch. I remember putting my lips on her little peach fuzz head and asking God to help me remember that moment. It was a quiet serene moment for the two of us. I know she won't remember it but I do. Those moments are the ones I treasure.
I had one of those moments with Little Man tonight. We were getting the kids ready for bed and he came to me to give me a hug and kiss. He climbed up on my lap and wrapped his sturdy little 3 year old arms around my neck and just squeezed. Again, I asked God to help me remember that moment.
Take time to have some of these moments with your kids. You can't remember every second but you can make some memories that will last you.


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Wow, that about made me cry!

  2. I'm about to cry too! With London being so little right now, I often find myself wishing she were older. But then I look at Boston, I remember how FAST time flies. I want to cherish each stage of life....

  3. That did make me cry. Amazing what I can hardly remember already. Thanks for reminding me that the Lord can help me remember...glad you're all OK after the Tornado. When you moving back to the west coast?


  4. Anonymous6:21 PM

    what a great thought - to ask Him to help you remember it. i've never done that.

    oh, it's so true. my mother-in-law calls them high water marks.

    thanks for reminding me again.