Thursday, February 28, 2008

On top of everything else

Isn't is nice to know that when you have lived in a place for 7 years, know the people at the utility district by name, and have never had a late payment that they will shut your water off. Yep, even after paying over 50% of your previous months bill..make that 71%, they will still come shut your water off and charge you $20 to reconnect it.

In January I paid $65 to the Utility District because that was what our bill was the month before. Well, apparently the flood we had caused us to have a bill that was $25 higher. I have never paid this bill late. I have walked it in and handed it to the people in the office and they always give my kids suckers. Today I came home to an orange flyer on my door and no water. So, I am off to pay the $25 along with the next bill that isn't due until March 11th and the extra $20 to reconnect my water. Nice. If it was under $10 they wouldn't have turned it off.

I know, I am an idiot and should have paid the $25 before now but we didn't have it, so there you go. Even more frustrating to me is the fact that this really is just an inconvenience to me. Yes, it is taking an extra $20 out of my grocery budget but what about the people that really can't afford it. Grr.

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