Saturday, February 02, 2008

Laundry is from the devil!

So, I have really been trying to keep up on laundry but this last week it slid by the wayside. With Little Man being sick and just wanting to sit with me on the couch laundry was the last thing on my mind. This morning we gathered up all of the laundry from all over the bedrooms and this was the result. I am sure those of you with more kids are probably saying "meh! I do that much laundry in a day!"
Believe it or not that is separated into different loads....and there is an extra pee load on the floor. To make things even better I dropped the bottle of detergent on the floor...on its lid...

Happy day. I know I should put in a load everyday to keep up with it but sometimes that is just not feasible. For those of you that do laundry out there...that would be do you keep on top of it. D o you do some everyday or do you have one big laundry day during the week? Do you love it or despise it as the necessary evil that it is? Off I go to throw another load in and figure out how to get the lid out of the detergent.


  1. I feel your pain, Karen! I do laundry every day and I never seem to stay on top of it- even doing it every day. I am horrible about doing it, drying it but leaving it in the laundry basket and not putting it away until I have this mountain that we all have to pick through to find clean clothes. I'll definitely be checking back to see if anyone has some suggestions on how they keep on top of it.

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Oh, how many times I've considered putting pictures of the laundry pile on my blog! You Rock! I love the fact that we all are in the same boat. Laundry is a horrible, horrible thing! And my vote is that our kids learn how to do their own laundry as soon as they're able to stand on a stool and reach the controls! ha!


  3. Mondays are my (majority) laundry days. I do all of Chris' & my laundry - I do jeans first (easy to fold and clear away) then usually 2 loads of colors; whites which includes my towels and sheets if they're dirty. Usually 4-6 loads. Then Tuesday it's easy to throw McKinley's in on her own. And now with a baby, I just throw his basket in during the week when it gets full. I keep the kids separated into their own, then it's super easy to fold also. Just my type A way of doing it all. What a wonderful feeling when I get our hamper cleaned out every week.

  4. I keep my laundry completely under control-about 3 feet high in my walk in closet. I am convinced we need to get rid of at least 1/2 of our clothes. The only way to really conquer it I think is to have a good system in place, but since that completely goes against my nature and my battle is against the dishes, (which are visible as soon as you enter my front door) I let the laundry go a little. It really helps though that I'm having the girls help already.:)


  5. Anonymous6:25 PM

    i do about 2 loads a day. but i never stay on top of it consistently. for about a week i'll do great and keep it folded as it comes out of the dryer and then it builds up dirty for a week and then i get it all clean just to pile it on a couch (i'm in the clean but piled phase now!). ugh.