Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Early Reader's Bible

OK, I have to give credit to Angela for telling me about this book! We have been looking for Munchkins "God's Little Princess Bible" for awhile now (it has her name in it and we are pretty sure we left it at Longhollow so if any of you out there happen to see it we would love to have it back!) as we think we left it at Longhollow one Sunday. We have finished a couple of devotion books and she has been interested in reading things for herself.

After MyGym Ang and I headed to Zaxbys (we kept a better eye on the boys this time) and then over to Lifeway to look for a copy for Munchkin. It was only $5 and so far has been worth every penny!

It is a paraphrase and there are verse references but wouldn't be one to use for a Bible drill. I gave it to her when I picked her up from school and she immediately opened it up and started to read. She is reading a chapter a day and is loving it! It has a few questions at the end of each chapter so we can discuss. If you have a child that is an early reader I completely recommend this for them!!


  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    how did you know?! i was just looking for something for mine! i'm so glad you put this up!

  2. This sounds good- thanks for sharing. The price sounds really good too!