Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Curse of the Brown Table

I have this coffee table. I bought it 7 years ago at an "antique" store. It was a decent piece of furniture but didn't really fit with anything we have. So, we put it outside on our front porch like the rednecks we apparently are. Because of time and weather the strip around the side of it has kind of warped.
We are in the process of trying to get our house ready to sell so I decided it was time for the table to go. I tried selling it in a yard sale, no luck. I tried to give it to AmVets, they wouldn't take it.
Monday I took it to Goodwill. I loaded the stinking thing in my truck ripping a hole in the leg of my jeans in the process. Do you think Goodwill would take the darn thing? No! They were more than happy to take my glider that I painted myself and rocked both of my babies in. They were happy to take the 4 badminton rackets, 5 cookie tins, and several pairs of shoes. It really is not in that bad of shape!

So, I decided to take it to the dump. I had never been there but figured it wouldn't be too hard to find. Wouldn't you know it? They are not open on Presidents Day. Argh!


  1. What happened to the good old days of leaving it with a "free" sign on it in the alley?

  2. Anonymous5:39 PM

    That is AWESOME! You could just drop it off on someone's front porch as a little "present"! We did that with a blue toilet for the Bierman's and they loved it! :)

  3. Oh I am SOOOO laughing @ Ashley's comment. I fully remember the blue toilet rotation and never before have I been so glad to not live in H'ville.

    Are you sure you're not supposed to keep it? Why wouldn't Goodwill take it?

  4. The strip around the edge of it is warped. :) I remember that blue toilet incident too!

  5. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Try the Salvation Army. I once took a copier to them.....no questions asked. They have a drop off lot downtown on 1st street. Good luck!